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The Unexpected Is Becoming Expected

Our quirky little cottage that I love!

Our quirky little cottage that I love!

There’s one thing you learn very fast on a mission and that is to never be surprised—just plan on the unexpected. Nothing happens the way you think it’s going to.

We attend two blocks of meetings every Sunday. In the morning we attend a different ward each week so we can go to their YSA Sunday School class and also so we can get to know the people in all the wards. In the afternoon we go to the ward we are assigned to attend—the only ward that meets in the afternoon. It has been fun to get acquainted and to meet so many wonderful people, but last week we finished Sacrament Meeting in the morning ward and found out they didn’t have a YSA Sunday School class so we were going to leave, but as we started out the door I was approached by a woman who told me the Gospel Doctrine teacher hadn’t shown up and she wondered if I’d teach the Gospel Doctrine class.

My first thought was, “I can’t do that with no preparation!” But a little voice inside me told me I’d been set apart and empowered for just such moments as this and so I reluctantly said, “I’ll do my best.”

The lesson was on Mosiah chapters 18-24. I quickly read the headings and as I did the idea of how to begin jumped into my head and as the opening prayer was said a calm came over me. After the amens were uttered, I stood up and said the thing that had come into my mind and then another thought came to me. I drew the chart on the whiteboard that had come and presented the thought connected to the chart, and then another thought came that built on the first and that’s how it went. As soon as I taught or asked the question that was in my head the next thing would come and before I knew it I had taught for forty minutes and it was time to pray again.

I don’t remember who prayed or what they said because I was praying myself, thanking my Father in Heaven for guiding me through the lesson. It was an amazing experience for me to be led by the Spirit word by word for forty minutes. I don’t know if anyone else got anything out of the lesson, but it was an incredible experience for me—one that I will never forget.

God knows what we need and will make us equal to the task if we are willing to try.

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