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This morning at breakfast I was feeling unaccountably anxious and frustrated about all there was to be done, about the messes, the noise, etc. so I just anchored for a minute. In the midst of this I realized that my little boy’s hand, who was eating next to me, had been on my arm the whole time. I just looked at his perfect hand and felt the warmth. It changed my whole outlook. – Gary

Earlier this week I had heard a gruesome NPR story that included mention of cruelty to animals.  That kind of stuff sticks with me in the most terrible way (I still can’t shake the 1986 movie Salvador and can’t go to any movie that includes murder or torture).  When I was going to sleep last night that image from the NPR story randomly got stuck in my head, and so I tried out the mantra “good, good, good, good….” and fell fast asleep!

From “Should Sharks” to “It is what it is – so be it!” to the simple realization, with the two vertical lines, that I don’t always see what I think I see.  There were so many gems in what Sherrie shared with us – and truly practical tools that I can use immediately.

Please extend my thanks to Sherrie for making a difference in my life. – Diane

Oh my gosh!  You have no idea how much I needed that book!  Just the other day my husband said to our children, “Your mummy’s a glass half empty sort of person,” and although he certainly wasn’t trying to hurt me—he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body!—it stung, because I knew he was right.  I’ve been going through an awful lot lately, and I’d let it define me.  Him saying that made me realize I needed to change.  And this book has shown me how.  If you could possibly pass my sincere and most heart-felt gratitude on to the author, I would appreciate it.  I have been crying tears of joy for the past few hours—I feel so much lighter now—it’s like a dark and heavy cloud has lifted, and I can see again. – Quimby

You have taught me so much and I especially needed it at this time of my life. I was deep in my “Pit of Illusion.” You see, my life has not been much fun the past year—there have been five deaths of my loved ones. The hardest one being my 28 year old nephew who put a gun in his 3 year old’s mouth and shot his head off. Then he put the gun to his head and committed suicide. The pain in my own heart has been multiplied by watching my dear sweet sister suffer so much through this. She is buried deep in her own Pit of suicide thought and depression.

Your teachings have lifted me and give me new tools to work with. I thank you from my whole heart. Thank you! Thank you! And thank you a million times! – Kate

I loved this book! It helped me to discover the difference between necessary pain and unnecessary pain. The book gives you so many valuable tools to use to help to get rid of that unnecessary pain. If one tool doesn’t work then try another one. I found out how the Truth Tools worked one night when my car broke down, and I had to call a tow truck. It was supposed to be my night to be alone since my husband had taken all the boys on a camp out.

As I sat and waited for the tow truck I remembered that I had the tools to find peace. I remembered some truth tools I had learned, and I put some of them to the test. What I found is that the music tool or affirmation talk did not work. I knew there were a few more tools so I tried the anchor tool. I attached myself to the present moment. I looked out the window and noticed how beautiful the night sky is in the country. The cars were coming down the freeway, and I noticed how bright the lights were off of the pine trees. I had forgotten what a beautiful place I was surrounded by, and how many trees there were all around me. I started counting, but then I imagined how I could run through the trees by the side of the freeway and nobody would probably notice.

It was an hour before the tow truck arrived and I found myself happily greeting the driver. I wasn’t upset or crying like I normally would have been. When I got home I was relieved to finally get back to what I wanted to do. I did accomplish some things I wanted to do that evening. If I would have been upset, or had a bad attitude I probably would have just come home and wallowed in my self-pity. Getting rid of the unnecessary pain freed me of a miserable evening. – Laresa

Wonderful little book, especially for LDS readers. It changed my life, and I’m so grateful. – Susan

This book came at a time when I really needed it and gave me some real solutions and help to some things I was dealing with. Loved it! – Dixie

Great insight and approach to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. – Shellie

Love this book! Wonderful insight on how to put your trials in perspective and how to use the atonement to help through necessary pain! – Camille

I love this book! It has really helped me to think more positively and find happiness in each moment! I feel that the information in this book can help those with all types of trials and difficulties, from mild daily challenges to those suffering from very serious and heavy trials. I highly recommend this book. – Anonymous

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