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Missionary Journal


Keep up with the Johnsons as they serve a CES mission in New Zealand

A Long Overdue Report From Middle Earth!

Our semester ended and the Institute choir put on a beautiful cantata, “Seek This Jesus,” for the stake. The music ...
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Another Report From Middle Earth

Another wonderful week spent in Middle Earth! And yes, Middle Earth is magical. Spring has awakened the earth and here ...
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I Might Be Down Under, But I Haven’t Dropped Off the Earth

Spring is springing! It’s been a long winter for us leaving home in March and entering New Zealand Autumn! But ...
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Tender Mercies And Then More Tender Mercies

I have dreaded the approach of this last week since we came to New Zealand. I knew that the first ...
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Growing and Learning Much

It’s Friday for me. This being a day ahead of family and friends is very strange. It is also strange ...
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Rugby and Other Not-As-Violent Diversions

We are here at a wonderfully historic time. The first week we were here we attended the creation of the ...
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I Love My Quirky Cottage!

  Not much has happened this week except the usually teaching classes and partying with Young Single Adults. It is a ...
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Chocolate and Civil War

We started this week out by celebrating the Queen’s birthday which is a public holiday in New Zealand. I’ve never ...
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The Unexpected Is Becoming Expected

There’s one thing you learn very fast on a mission and that is to never be surprised—just plan on the ...
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Our Miracle

Some people don’t believe in miracles. I don’t have to believe because I’ve experienced them. I know miracles happen! Just ...
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