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I Love My Quirky Cottage!


This picture isn't upside down, my clothes dryer is!

This picture isn’t upside down, my clothes dryer is!

Not much has happened this week except the usually teaching classes and partying with Young Single Adults. It is a good life! It is keeping us young.

The weather here is turning cold and since we don’t have central heating we have been learning how the natives keep warm. We turn on space heaters at certain times in certain rooms when we are in them, but the best is the bed-sized heating pad on my mattress. I turn it on about a half hour before I go to bed and climb from the chilly (way chilly!) room into the warm bed and besides the warm sheets, sheer delight warms me to the bone. I love it.

I told you before about some of the quirky things about my lovely cottage. (I feel like I am living in a fairy tale!) But I never told you some of the quirkiest things. Most of the sinks in the house have two faucets, one for hot and one for cold. That means it is impossible to get warm water. I either wash my face in hot or cold, but I can’t have anything in between. Stranger still is that the hot and cold faucets are not standard. Some sinks have the hot on left side and the cold on the right while in the other room the hot will be on the right and the cold on the left. I’m not complaining–some of my friends are serving in areas with no hot water at all! No, I’m just telling it like it is. After three months I’m starting to remember which sink has cold on the right and which has hot. (I’m a slow learner!)

Another quirky thing is my clothes dryer. Again, don’t get me wrong. I am NOT complaining. As a matter of fact, this has given me a lot of fun moments. My dryer is situated over my washing machine. Yes, it is suspended from the ceiling, but in order to put the knobs where I can reach them the dryer is up-side down.

All this quirkiness does is add to the charm! I love my little flat—especially the big windows that let in so much light and make me feel like I am living outdoors. There couldn’t be a cottage in all of New Zealand better suited to me! After all, I’m about as quirky as they come!


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