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Enduring a Toothache (Why?!?)

finding-happinessFor the last few months I’ve suffered from a tooth ache. The pain was always there, but some days it was worse than others, and on the days it was really bad I was either far away (like Alaska!) or so busy I couldn’t call my dentist. So I lived with it. The strange thing is that the pain in my jaw soon seemed to be normal. It was almost as if I’d lived with it so long I’d accepted the pain even though I was aware it was debilitating and that it made me a little ornery and grouchy. It is what it is! Right?


There are times when what is needs to be changed. Can be changed! Should be changed! And suffering a toothache is one of those things. I finally saw my dentist, got a root canal and am now pain free.

Shortly after that, while reading some new research, I was startled to discover a study that explained how many people living with things like stress, tension, fear, anxiety—the things I call VEXATION—think they are normal. They are living vexed lives but think that’s just how life is. I’ve always recognized emotional pain and figured everyone else did also, but according to the study a majority of people are oblivious to the emotional pain they are living in. They don’t think they need to change. They think they are fine. The tragedy of that is that if you don’t know there is a problem, you can’t solve the problem.

When things can’t be fixed then, “It Is What It Is!” Use the Truth Tools and live with it. But if you are vexed, and it can be fixed, “Then Fix It!”

The first step to joy is to do a little self-analysis. Ask yourself:

1: Am I at peace?

2: Do I feel joyful most of the time?

If the answer to either of those questions is “No,” then it’s time for change. It’s time to learn how to Count It All Joy.  It is possible! Joy awaits you.

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