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Elder and Sister Johnson

For the next 20 months follow the Johnson's Missionary Journal as they serve in New Zealand.

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Sherrie's latest book

"I love this book! It has really helped me to think more positively and find happiness in each moment!

...the information in this book can help those with all types of trials and difficulties, from mild daily challenges to those suffering from very serious and heavy trials." (from an buyer)

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Excerpt from Count It All Joy

"In days of old, a master archer made his living traveling about the land, demonstrating his great skill with a bow and arrow." day, he proudly entered a small village and discovered targets painted on fences, sides of buildings, trees, and anywhere a target could fit. Startled, the master archer pulled his horse to a stop and stared at the spectacle, his astonishment arising from the fact that in the center of each bull's-eve was a perfectly shot arrow.

"Disconcerted, he began to inquire as to who the amazing archer was..."

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While we are in New Zealand...


I loved this book! It helped me to discover the difference between necessary pain and unnecessary pain. The book gives you so many valuable tools to use to help to get rid of that unnecessary pain.

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